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About us

Thanks for visiting Carrick Candles and wanting to know a bit about us. Carrick Candles was started for many different reasons, but it was founded on a simple principle: To produce hand poured premium quality candles and other products at fair and affordable prices.

When it comes to candles, there is no shortage of options. We know that. And so first I want to thank you for checking us out and giving us a try! 

We aim to make a product we are proud of, customers are proud of, better quality, individually tested, and affordable. Can you sometimes spend a bit more in local smaller businesses? Yes. Is it worth it?  We believe so due to the personal care and attention put in to each and every candle we make.

What makes our products wonderful?

Here are a few reasons:

  • We use premium ingredients.

  • Each candle is hand poured.

  • Our process is very precise and carefully managed and we work in small batches to protect that integrity.

  • We offer multiple collections and variations to suit different interests and styles.

  • We have a passion for what we do.

  • We test rigorously to ensure we maintain our high-quality standards.

How and why did we get started?

I can’t remember what made me so interested in candles other than I love the varieties, the scents and the relaxing atmosphere they can create.  What better way to help create a relaxing environment on an evening after a hard day at work. 

Once I started looking in to making candles, a large part of what was driving me was the challenge. Candle making, contrary to what I first believed, is NOT an easy process. It’s easy to think one could simply stop by a hobby store, pick up some wax, a few colours and fragrances and a wick spool then head home to create marvellous candles.

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work that way. For starters, those are very poor ingredients and materials. The best candle makers in the world will get poor results. But, it’s not just about the materials, it’s also the recipes. It takes a lot of experimenting, testing, troubleshooting, tweaking, and then all of that again, over and over to really make decent candle. And it takes time.

It's not just about the recipe, or the ingredients, it's also about the process! Candle making is a very delicate process that requires very specific temperature control, measuring, blending, pouring, and cooling. If even one of these processes is taken for granted, you often will get negative results. This is the one of the reasons so many people prefer hand-poured during the pouring process. Because it's completely controlled and being intently watched. If something isn't right, the person doing the pouring knows right away. Compare to large scale manufacturing, where there isn't that control over individual units and many things go unnoticed. 

The "Why?"

I short, I wanted to make the candles that I wanted to buy but could never find at a reasonable price.  Going in to a very well-known candle store and finding only one scent I liked out of the 100 varieties on offer.  A slight exaggeration but taste is a very personal thing and when it comes to candles there are so many options to choose from.   


Hopefully, this provides some insight into who we are.  Please feel free to browse around and email us with any questions. And, feel free to share us on social media. You can 'Like' us on Facebook @ or by clicking on the icons at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for taking the time and thank you for your support!

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